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Mia’s Rainbow ~ PRE-ORDER (4-6 week turnaround)

Mia’s Rainbow ~ PRE-ORDER (4-6 week turnaround)

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Mia Adalyn Preston December 19, 2019 - February 23, 2024

Miracle Mia was a rainbow baby sister born after two brothers. She’s the only sister in a family of boys. On March 18 2022, at 2 1/2 years old, Mia drowned and was without a heartbeat for over 20 minutes.  Miraculously she survived with no trauma. A true miracle. Soon after her accident, Mia and her mom immediately advocated for swim safety through ISR. Facing head on what could have been life changing,  together they created a triumph of success and education for others.
Last month, at 4 years old, Mia was tragically killed accidentally by a car in front of their home; witnessed by her brother and her friends. Mia, whose miracle changed the lives of thousands throughout the world, will continue to so through her family as they share their hope and faith after the loss of their precious daughter & sister. 

We hope that this rainbow serves as a reminder of everything wonderful & the miracle Mia will always be. 

Row 1 represents Mia being a rainbow baby. 

Row 2 is Blue representing the miracle of surviving  her drowning, and  in turn, the work she did to bring awareness to swim safety. #MiracleMia

Row 3 is Pink because Mia loved all things pink and girly. The only sister.  

& 4 beads to represent her 4 years earth-side.  

💗Each rainbow comes with a photo card & in a drawstring bag

💗Measurements approx. 10"h × 4.75"W

💗We would love to see Mia’s Rainbows in their new homes - please tag us @cozieyou_baby on IG so we can see & share! Tag Mia’s mama too @fiercelyalia 

💗If you’ve been here with us for a while, you know how very special it is to us to be able to do these releases... We hope you love it! 


🌈This is a PRE-ORDER item. Pre-orders will be open for approximately 3 days (through MARCH 17 2024). Estimated delivery to COZIE YOU is 4-6 weeks after pre-orders close. We expect to have the bulk shipment no later than APRIL 28 2024 (barring any unforeseen delays). Once we receive our bulk shipment, we will QC them and prep them for fulfillment.

🌈QC / prep/ fulfillment will take 3-5 business days after the bulk shipment arrives to us, Cozie You. We expect to ship all pre-orders no later than MAY 1-3  (barring any unforeseen delays beyond our control ).

🌈 Extras, if any, will be listed and available for purchase after all pre-orders are sent out. 

🌈Any & all status updates (timing / shipping etc) will me made here if needed - (IE if there’s a delay) -  so that everyone has complete & identical visibility & information. All emails and messages will be auto-directed to the terms on this listing.

🌈Any other shop item purchased with Mia’s rainbow will be shipped separately (within 3-5 business days).  

🌈We cannot guarantee any extras will be available for purchase after pre-orders close, although we always aim to have a handful of extras.

🌈Shop discounts or credits cannot be applied to Mia’s Rainbow 

🌈Returns/Chargebacks/Reversals cannot be accepted for Mia’s Rainbow (this is especially important).

🌈Although highly unlikely, we reserve the right to refuse service/cancel any order due to disruptive, disrespectful, or defamatory behavior(s) or message(s).  A refund, less any fees imposed on us, will be issued to the form of payment used at time of purchase & your item will be forfeited. We appreciate your understanding on this. 

🌈Please remember these are estimated to ship in very early May 2024. As always, we aim to get them to their forever homes asap 💗

✨✨By purchasing, you are understanding the terms and conditions stated above ✨✨

***end terms and conditions***

* This release has been approved by Alia, Mia’s mom. All photos belong to her and have been approved for use on our website & media platforms for this project*

THANK YOU for being here. Your support is very much appreciated!💗🌈⭐️

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