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“Why Me, Mama?” Book

“Why Me, Mama?” Book

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"Why me, Mama?" A children's book about the disability experience. (HARDCOVER Version)

Everyone has something, sometimes you see it & sometimes you don't. 

Rose the wee owl has a birthday coming up and they are planning her birthday party but she doesn't feel excited because she feels different from her friends and is worried that the other animals won't want to come to her party. As they travel around the park delivering invitations, Rose discovers that all the other animals have something that makes them different, too.

Various disabilities are individually highlighted in this book including facial paralysis/weakness, inability to abduct the eyes (Duane syndrome), club feet, cleft palate, mild, moderate & severe hypotonia, limb differences, strabismus, autism, Pierre Robin sequence, Poland syndrome, developmental delay, speech, hearing, vision, feeding and respiratory difficulty.

Written by Katherine Lockwood

Illustrated by Evgeniye Erokhina

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