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Lunas Moon

Lunas Moon

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Luna Zoè Cristobal

12/31/2018 ~ 6/1/2023

Forever 4 years old

In September of 2022, at the age of 3.5 years old, Luna was diagnosed with Diffuse Midline Glioma (DMG), an extremely aggressive & fast growing type of brain cancer.

DMG is found on the midline of the brain and affects walking, coordination, balance, and arm movement. Facial control. Vision. Speech. Swallowing, chewing, eating. Everything. DMG tumors grow at an alarming rate and the average life expectancy in children is 8-11 months after diagnosis. There is no cure for this disease. 

Luna bravely endured many treatments which included radiation therapy, chemo therapy , and surgeries in hopes of keeping her quality of life comfortable and as peaceful as possible while at home with her family doing all the things she loves.

Unfortunately, Luna spent much time within hospital walls. Mid-April 2023 she was able to go home, however, once home, her tumors spread so rapidly that within 48 hours she was back in the hospital. She then fell into a deep sleep (cancer induced coma) for 6 weeks, transitioning from this side of Heaven to the next. 
Luna took her last breath on June 1, 2023 in her mamas arms.

She fought a hard, tough fight. One that no child should have to face. 

Luna is surrounded by a loving family, including an older brother and sister, and as you can imagine, her diagnosis and passing is particularly painful for them. 

We hope Lunas Moon will be a gentle reminder of Luna; her spunk, smile, laughs, and zest for life. We hope you are reminded of all the things she loves  ~ fairytales , princesses, dancing, Coldplay, and all things spooky. She brings so much light into so many lives and has touched so many people and will continue to do so forever ♾️🌙

Lunas moon is so unique and specially designed for her (with A LOT of help from her mama)! Her favorite colors are blue and purple💙💜 and there are 4 beads to represent her 4 years around the sun. We went with a fun whimsical style writing to represent her love for Rapunzel.

If you’ve been here with us for a while, you know how very special it is to us to be able to do these releases…thank you for being here! We hope you love it !! 

•Each moon comes with 2 photo cards & in a drawstring bag

•Measurements approx. 8"h × 4.4"W


🌙Remaining Moons are in-house ready to ship to their forever homes. QC / prep/ fulfillment can  take 3-5 business days (barring any unforeseen delays beyond our control ).


🌙Shop discounts or credits cannot be applied to fundraiser items.

🌙Returns/Chargebacks/Reversals cannot be accepted for fundraiser items (this is VERY important).

🌙Although highly unlikely, we reserve the right to refuse service/cancel any order due to disruptive, disrespectful, or defamatory behavior(s) or message(s).  An immediate refund, less any fees accrued, will be issued to the form of payment used at time of purchase & your item will be forfeited.

🌙This memorial piece was created to honor & remember Luna and to also raise money for her family during this extremely difficult time. All profits will be donated with love to Lunas family to use as they see fit.

 ✨✨By purchasing, you are understanding the terms and conditions stated above ✨✨

***end terms and conditions***

 * This release has been approved by Coral, Lunas mother. All photos belong to her and have been approved for use on our website & media platforms for this project* 

** We would love to see Lunas Moons in their new homes - please tag us @cozieyou_baby on IG so we can see, share & add to her highlight on our page.

✨🌙🦋THANK YOU for being here. Your support is very much appreciated!

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  • Non-toxic - Conforms to European and American toy safety standards
    • Made from materials that are BPA, PVC, FDA, and grade safe.
  • Do not submerge in water  Do not wash in dishwasher. 
  • To clean : wipe with a damp cloth and air dry
  • Although uncommon, wood by nature may split or crack over time. 
  • To maximize lifespan and rejuvenate wood, apply a small amount of bees wax, olive oil, or coconut oil to wood surfaces as needed.  Cover evenly and wipe excess with a dry cloth.  Lay flat to fully dry before next use. 

Please note that because of variations in wood grain, color, and texture, each rattle is one-of-a-kind and no two will look exactly the same.

Wood is a natural material so it has various unique markings. There is a wide variety of grain, color, knots, texture etc.  These are natural occurrences and such markings are confirmation of quality and authenticity, not defects.

     *Never leave baby or child unattended - potential choking hazard. If item breaks, discard all pieces immediately!!* 

    *designed in California made in China 

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