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Averys Rainbow

Averys Rainbow

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This is Avery! Avery just turned 1 on October 18 🥳.  She was diagnosed with AL Leukemia in December 2020, at just 2 months old.

Over this past year she had seen a remission, relapse, CAR-T treatment and a 2nd remission. In October 2021 she underwent a BMT (bone marrow transplant) with a 100% donor match. She is almost 4 weeks post transplant, and it has been extremely rough. In many cases, even with a 100% donor match, the side effects of a Bone Marrow Transplant are devastating. They lead to extreme discomfort, swelling, bruising, bleeding, nausea/ vomiting, infections, & many other complications. Avery has been facing these adversities head on. 

She is currently in ICU - but is making improvements. The hope is that she will be moved out of ICU and back to the bmt unit SOON 👏

11/12 UPDATE!!! Avery is back to the bmt unit 🥳 She’s progressively doing better ~ her family is hopeful they will be home by Thanksgiving! 

We want to lift Avery and her family up in this chapter of their lives 🌈 So we are releasing a rainbow in Averys honor. “ Happily Ever Avery”

If you’ve been here with us for a while, you know how very special is is to us to be able to do these releases…thank you for being here! We hope you love it! 

Things to know before you order, please read thoroughly before purchasing:

🌈 100% of profits will go to Averys family.

🌈 Each rainbow comes with a photo insert & in a cotton drawstring bag.

🌈 Measurements approx - 6.3”h x 4.4”w 

🌈 Shop discounts or credits cannot be applied to fundraiser items. 

🌈 Again, THANK YOU for being here. Your support is very much appreciated! 

For more ways to help, please visit And register to be a bone marrow donor or for Averys GFM. 

* This release has been approved by Averys parents. All photos belong to Averys family and have been approved for use on our website & media platforms*

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