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Logan’s Rainbow

Logan’s Rainbow

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“At just two months of age, Logan Ford Morris was diagnosed with a rare brain cancer (ATRT). After much debate from specialists and doctors regarding Logan’s quality of life, it was decided to put Logan on hospice. Logan was offered the opportunity to fight for his life with his mom, Katie at St. Jude’s Research Hospital. With this miraculous opportunity, #loganfordtough quickly became a rallying household motto. After 6 months of fight at St Jude’s, Logan was transferred home to Phoenix Children’s Hospital to continue treatment and to be home with his family. After a few weeks of being home, Logan gained his wings. Logan’s life was miraculous and full of hope. He spent his life being loved by so many. May we be as tough as Logan Ford.”

~ Katie Morris, Logan’s mama 

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* This release has been approved by Logan’s mother Katie Morris. All photos belong to them and have been approved for use on our website & media platforms*

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