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Hevea Baby Star Ball
Hevea Baby Star Ball
Hevea Baby Star Ball

Hevea Baby Star Ball


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Heveas Natural Rubber Star Ball is soft, squeezable, fun, & Plastic-Free! It is a natural toy, suitable for both babies and toddlers/ young children. 
The malleable rubber is soft and bounce-able which makes it an ideal toy for babies during their early developmental  stages and also during toddler years as they are developing motor skills and coordination. 

  • Made from natural rubber
  • Free from BPA, plastics, PVC, petroleum and Phthalates
  • The natural rubber is soft, flexible and easy to grasp
  • It is soft, gentle, and squeezable
  • Star patterned textured surface
  • Stimulates tactile development
  • Non-toxic / dye free 
  • Made in Malaysia
  • Complies to safety standard:EN 71 / REACH / CPSIA/ ASTM / CHPA/ CCPSA


CLEANING The ball can be sterilized in boiling water for maximum 1 minute or cleaned in warm water and mild soap if needed. The ball should be kept in a clean, dry place out of direct sunlight or contact with a source of direct heat. The ball is made of 100% Pure Natural rubber, which can darken in colour as times go by. Very few children are allergic to natural rubber, however watch out for any allergic reactions, and stop any use if an allergic reaction should occur because of use.