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Pacificer Clips ~ Into the Woods
Pacificer Clips ~ Into the Woods
Pacificer Clips ~ Into the Woods

Pacificer Clips ~ Into the Woods

Cozie You™

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Let your worries go with our collection of lightweight pacifier clips.  These full sized adorable and fashionable clips will help to ensure pacifier cleanliness all day long.  They will also help to prevent the inevitable loss of all those binkies!!

Made with a variety of durable and enticing materials, baby will enjoy chewing on our crochet and wooden massaging beads while they are taking a break from their “binkie.” Pacifier clips are also a great way to help baby learn to retrieve and use his or her own binkie when they need it.  Rest assured, baby's pacifier is safe with a Cozie You™ clip attached!

12” in length, recommended for stable supported sitters and older.

***Pacificer not included.***


  • Made from food grade silicone that are FDA and food grade safe for your little one.
  • Wash at discretion with a mild dish soap or baby soap and hand cloth.
  • Wood should not be submerged in water for longer than 30 minutes.
  • Pat with a clean & dry towel or lay flat to  air dry.
  • Wood by nature may split or splinter over time. Should this occur, please contact us.
  • In the rare event this product breaks or unties, please contact us.

To maximize lifespan and rejuvenate wood, apply a small amount of olive oil to wood surfaces as needed. Let set in for several minutes and wipe excess with a dry cloth.

*Never leave baby unattended

** Remove for sleep time