How Cozie You was Born

From Our Home To Yours.

Who We Are

For years I had dreamt of building a company.  I knew I wanted the focus to be babies and children, however, that was such a broad and overwhelming field, I sat on my thoughts and ideas.  

When I became pregnant with my 3rd child last year (after a 9 year hiatus) I noticed an overwhelming abundance of bright colored, mass produced, overly packaged options for our baby, who was soon to be born.  Blankets & linens with the most current & "popular" characters, generic designs and gender targeted colors with subpar quality seemed to be most of what I had to choose from.  

I needed better options. This is when is hit me, this is when my visions began to unveil.  

I wanted neutral colors, warmth and simplicity, UNIQUE designs and quality. I wanted comfort and cozy. I wanted environmentally conscious. 

This is how Cozie You was born.

With my husband by my side and our children as our inspiration, Cozie You has become all that and more.   

We hope our products will comfort you and your family, just as it has ours. 

From our home to yours, 

Danielle & Mike